About us

Our mission is to promote and improve health and to prevent distress by the provision of a counselling service in accordance with the values of the Christian faith.

We offer
  • a counselling service provided by trained Christian counsellors. 
  • a confidential and safe environment where people can explore life issues
  • help to individuals as they work through these issues towards a place of constructive change
Bridge Counselling was founded in 2004 and has helped hundreds of clients since then.

Our Welcome page explains the areas in which we can provide help.

Normally, counselling is undertaken face to face but remote counselling is possible using Zoom or similar facilities.

Our Trustees

Trustee Barbara Barbara Bannard-Smith (Chair of Trustees)
I am a member of Bromham Baptist Church and part of the Welcoming and Contact for Seniors’ Teams.  My husband and I host and deliver The Marriage Course. 
I am now retired from working in the NHS Community Health Services as an Occupational Therapist and Clinical Services Manager.
I joined the Council of Reference for Bridge Counselling in 2018 and now that Bridge is continuing as a separate CIO from the church it is good to be involved in the continuation and developments ahead for this much needed Christian counselling service.

Trustee Felicity

Felicity Leinster

I am a member of Bromham Baptist Church and have worked as an NHS community-based Health Visitor in Bedford for many years.  I understand the importance and need for counselling services.
I look forward to continuing my support for the work of Bridge Counselling through my role as Trustee and Treasurer. 

Trustee Lesley

Lesley Dean

I am a member of Bromham Baptist Church.
Most of my working life was spent, in different roles, as a nurse for people with learning disabilities.
I am now retired and have been the Coordinator of Bridge Counselling for a number of years.
I am one of the counsellors and also a supervisor.

Trustee Jenny

Jenny Hadley

I am a member of Kings Arms Church Bedford. I am part of the Pastoral Team and often see the need for Counselling through my contact with those in times of crisis. I previously worked at the University of Winchester, where my interest for Counselling began, seeing so many young people suffering mental health issues.
I became a Trustee in 2020 and hope to continue to support the great work our Counsellors are doing.